Brand experiences and MOSS

All the video’s for the 2009 MIX conference are posted online ( and they are interesting for anybody developing on the Microsoft platform. One of the session posted is about developing consumer facing brand sites, presented by Tony Jones, Technology Director for Razorfish. It touches on the unique challenges that an user experience driven company like Razorfish faces when leveraging MOSS for their web experiences, and outlines approaches on addressing these. Highly recommended. How Razorfish Lights Up Brand with Microsoft SharePoint

Cloud interoperabiltiy

Image representing Google App Engine as depict... Image via CrunchBase

It’s great to see cloud computing pushing for deep interoperability. This MSDN post covers some interesting topics around the manifesto and also speaks a bit about some interesting demos showing integration between Google’s App Engine and Azure. Very excting.

“At MIX, we highlighted the use of our Identity Service and Service Bus with an application written in Python and deployed into Google App Engine which may have been the first public cloud to cloud interop demo.”

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