Amazon Advances Cloud Computing with the Private Cloud

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Amazon Advances Cloud Computing with the introduction of a private clould. The economics really are powerful enough to force business to take note. Anecdotally I’ve spoken to several highly functional startup web application using the clould succesfully. WIth the advent of more secure private clouds I don’t see how enterprise can stay away much longer.

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Razorfish Technology Capabilities Differentiates

It’s great to get some market recognition for all our efforts. In this post Forrester recognizes that technology differentiates and our addition to Publicis will help strengthen their market position. This captured our attention

‘_“What about _Razorfish? The firm has much stronger design capabilities, both for user experience and what we call “brand image”. Plus – and this is just my opinion because we did not evaluate them on this – it has stronger technology capabilities as well. ‘

And validation of what we’ve been saying from the start

Because ultimately, a great design has to actually work in order to deliver a great customer experience.”’

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