2010 is definitely the year of the app

I’ve always been a fan of applications. I remember using my early palm apps with pure joy. Even a simple app to calculate gas mileage or track rides, so happy that innovators like Palm paved the way. Handango was the first iTunes app store. With real money on the table we see folks flocking to Android, some are even fleeing iTunes for more open pastures of Android. The biggest name to flee being the developer of the iPhone Facebook application. But back to my point, it’s more exciting to think of applications everywhere.

For example, the Microsoft Sync platform in Ford cars will enable application development. Imagine an application to count how many times I hit the brake on my commute home or my favorite and application that tracks my various different routes home and tells me on average which is fastest.

Now HP have gotten into the mix with applications for your printer. One of the first being an Fandango application that lets you print your movie tickets right from your printer. If you need to print it anyway, skip the computer or portable device.

CNN had a great writeup on why it’s the year of the app. I forgot to mention what’s happening in TV’s. With Yahoo TV, a bunch of manufacturer’s are making it easy for basically Konflabulator desktop gadgets to end up on your TV. Samsung is encouraging folks to build apps into their TV’s and blu-ray players.