Launch of the Razorfish 5:Five Technologies That Will Change Your Business

We launched the Razorfish 5 report today. We put a lot into the report and are excited to share it more broadly. In this report, we discuss the 5 technologies that are transforming businesses, including multi-touch and cloud computing. The findings are based on Razorfish’s experience designing and integrating complex technologies for clients around the world.The report explores the recent advances and upcoming developments of five significant technologies. Key findings include:

  • Cloud services and open APIs will become essential for social brands, making it easier for businesses to tap into the consumer’s social graph.

  • Reliance on the cloud’s infrastructure will continue to grow as the need for real-time scalability becomes increasingly critical for survival.

  • Multi-touch technology, which has already become mainstream in consumer devices, will infiltrate retail and business environments so extensively that it will become expected.

  • Improved hardware and connectivity will help mobile make the final transition into cloud-based data that allows the user to learn the world around her in real time.

  • Agile and iterative Web development will open new doors for innovation by allowing developers to innovate and adjust products based on immediate customer feedback.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the report:

Writers/Contributors Shiv Singh Tobias Klauder John Cunningham Steve Dawson Luke Hamilton Paul Gelb Mike Scafidi John Ewen

Marketing & PR David Deal Lauren Nguyen Katie Lamkin Crystal Higgins-Peterson Heather Gately Jennifer Li