Social Brands and Cloud Services Technology

Here’s a presentation I gave at a conference recently sharing our point of view on the linkage between social brands and cloud services technology. At the end of the day the power of cloud services helps to drive traffic in several powerful ways.

  • Social cloud services like Facebook Connect have already gotten privacy permission to share consistent with each user’s guidelines. This will help you better deal with the upcoming privacy rules in the European Union. The EU is requiring all anonymous cookie to ask a user for permission before placing them on their computer, so likely ad servers, analytics, etc. will be impacted.

  • Social cloud services help increase your ranking with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For example, twitter is indexed by all those services. Facebook has started to let some content get indexed, but has to respect privacy guidelines in many cases.

  • Open API’s are empowering brands in new and innovative ways, with API’s both in and out. So, for example, tasty-d-lite uses foursquare and twitter to power their loyalty program. Or the Guardian Open Content API is being used to power new and innovative experiences like a new Guardian Content Roulette application.

OPA Social Unified through the Cloud on Prezi