Announcing our Amazon Web Services Partnership

Today we announced our Amazon Web Services Partnership. Building on our Razorfish 5 report and the recent Razorfish Techology Summit, this is the latest affirmation of our commitment to supporting the marketing and business needs of our clients with the cloud. We are really excited about the opportunities to work together, especially with the rapidly evolving cloud infrastructure technologies in the marketplace. We’ve been growing our cloud computing practice quite aggresively over the last couple of years and see huge potential for our clients. Some of the immediate benefits we’ve seen for clients are the following:

  • Speed to market, getting up and running with servers and infrastructure is at a pace like never before. Minutes as compared to weeks.

  • Elasticity to scale up and down easily saving money and keeping up with unexpected demand. We rarely see good traffic forecasts, so this makes us more nimble to be ready for unexpected traffic spikes with campaigns and product launches.

  • Business solutions we have never dreamed of before. Using technologies like Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce allows us to work with trillions of rows of data at very low costs. With traditional RDBMS’s this would have been both cost-prohibitive and practically impossible. Imagine using EMR to build a mini-google.

I am looking forward to the new and exciting things we can do with cloud computing.