Highlights from Razorfish’s annual tech summit!

Back in April, Atlanta hosted the fifth annual Razorfish technology summit. We explored how Gesture, Mobile, and the Cloud technologies are enabling a new digital reality for consumers as well as the enterprise. The concept of a cloud-enabled app store is a revolutionary new way to deliver software to the masses across devices and platforms. Enabled by high-speed mobile connections, powerful devices and increasingly low barriers to use, these technologies will change how we interact with brands, each other and the world around us. Here are a few videos/presentations:

Introduction: I kicked off the day with an overview of topics discussed and the pace of technological change—and how it’s influencing the way we do business

Keynote: Building an Ecosystem for Web Apps: Rahul Roy-Chowdury, Product Manager, Google (41 mins) Rahul spoke to us about an exciting innovation that Google has brought to market—the Google Chrome Web store—and the evolution of web apps, and how connectivity, offline/online storage and semantics give meaning to them.

Apps Everywhere: Mike Scafidi, Technology Director & Paul Gelb, National Mobile Lead (32 mins) From waking up and heading to the office to catching a plane and a night out, Mike and Paul take us into a future where our refrigerators talk back and facial recognition helps recognize contacts at a conference. And yes, there is an explanation for the mid-morning mobile traffic usage bump.

Case study: The Unilever Greenhouse Platform and Amazon Web Services: Norm Driskell, Director of Service Operations (45 mins) Norm shares a case study on how Razorfish created a digital marketing platform that leveraged the cloud to support, monitor and host one of the world’s largest portfolio of brands.

Marketing in the Age of Big Data: Pradeep Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Technology Officer, VivaKi Nerve Center (26 mins) Marketers now have to contend with huge amounts of data—from websites, campaigns, mobile activity, social media, location-based, etc. Pradeep shows us one way marketers can make sense of it all.

Open Digital Services: Salim Hemdani, Group VP, Technology & Basel Salloum, Group VP, Technology (41 mins) Salim and Basel introduces the concept of Open Digital ServicesSM, a way for businesses to open up their APIs and accelerate innovation.

Case study: Mercedes-Benz Tweetrace: Ray Velez, Chief Technology Officer (5 mins) In the interest of time, we didn’t get into the technical aspects of creating the world’s first Twitter-fueled race, but here’s a great overview of the case study.

The Interface Revolution: Luke Hamilton, Associate Director of Emerging Experiences & Steve Dawson, Technology Lead, Emerging Experiences (27 mins) Luke and Steve brought their toys along to show us how gestural interfaces are changing the way marketers can interact with their customers.

Concluding Remarks: Ray Velez (2 mins) Special shoutout to @totkat, the summit’s most prolific tweeter and winner of a Motorola Xoom!

Approved presentations and videos can be downloaded from Slideshare if you’re interested. Hope to see even more of you at next year’s summit!

The summit might be over, but let’s keep the conversation going! What are your thoughts on cloud-enabled technologies, views on mobile, or predictions on gestural interfaces? Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments section.