NFC Technologies

With 150 million NFC equipped phones shipped in 2012, and an expected 1b+ million phone equipped with NFC to be shipped by 2016, NFC technology is going to be the next generation solutions for interactive consumer experiences . With companies, such as Google, Samsung and (eventually) Apple, backing NFC technology with chips within their handsets giving consumers a way to use the NFC chips built into their phones, it’s becoming seemingly obvious that this technology is growing rapidly.

NFC Technologies also identified by the Razorfish leadership team as one of the top technologies for 2012 and beyond. NFC technology is about to revolutionize the access control industry to create, use and manage secure identity on NFC-enabled smartphones. NFC will change how people access digital content, connect online content with printed media, social media check-in and boost loyalty program, deliver multiple experience regardless of where you are in the landscape.  Smartphone users will  have a single device that provides physical access to their home and workplace, consume various experiences, secure access to their PCs and corporate networks and many more.

NFC Technologies presentation can be viewed or downloaded from Slideshare