New book from the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog author, Scott Brinker

We have long been a fan of Scott Brinker’s writing on his blog . His thinking has help drive a bridge between marketing and technology, which aligns real well with the transformation we are seeing in the market place. His new (mini)book

A NEW BRAND OF MARKETING: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline

, free download here is a great read to help drive home why this bridge is required for modern marketing to consumers. Yes, as technologists here at Razorfish, you might expect us to say things like moving from rigid plans to agile iterations or from art and copy to code and data. It’s not just that those are exciting meta-trends for us, but it’s also what we are seeing consumers demand. What exciting about the technology disruption happening in marketing today is that it’s a world that’s putting the customer in charge. No matter how we slice and dice the different ways that marketings need to connect with their customers, it’s all about a relevant, interesting, and powerful respect and understanding for customers. We had an event with the NYC Media Lab more here and one of my favorite answers on the panel that night was from Carl Schulenburg, founder at Oomolo. When asked, what do you think is the future of mobile marketing and his response was a one to one relationship with customers. We use the context of what their mobile or other device is telling us and provide relevant, contextual, useful messages and services on a one to one basis. That’s the future.