Austin Razorfish Techies Help To Empower Girls in STEM


Girlstart, an organization whose mission is to empower girls in Math, Science and Engineering, hosted their 10th annual STEM Conference in Austin on April 11, 2015. Over 600 girls from 3rd-8th grade registered for the all-day event where 26 hands-on workshops were led by over 100 STEM professionals from companies including Razorfish, Cisco, Emerson, Dell, 3M, Thermo Fisher, Xerox, Applied Materials, Texas Gas Service, Electronic Arts, and more. There were also 100+ volunteers from companies including Dell, Samsung, Intel, IBM, VISA and Farmers Insurance to help make the day a success.

Razorfish led 2 workshops called “Girl Code” where we introduced the girls to the wonderful world of coding, design, UX, and copywriting through the process of building a website. We started by putting our content into HTML code and had the girls give us ideas to make it ‘prettier’ before introducing them to CSS. The class compared a design comp and the work in progress to find differences using a word bank of CSS terms. They then helped us during a live coding portion to customize the site how they wanted after we addressed the differences they found between the design comp and the live site. Overall, the girls left feeling inspired and excited about so many potential career paths in STEM.

Razorfish participants: Britney Jo Ludkowski, Camille Church, Hillary Oneslager, Jaime Sporl, Anna Lepine, and Jessica Grantham.

Girlstart created a highlight video of the day:

Pictures from Razorfish’s workshop can be found here: ``