Razorfish Global Technology Summit 2015

The seventh iteration of the Razorfish Global Tech Summit explores an element that’s crucial to the success of any business today: software innovation. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen once stated in The Wall Street Journal, “software is eating the world,” and this is certainly the truth today. In today’s tech-driven world, businesses thrive only by embracing change and being willing to rethink their business models when the time calls for it. Software is at the root of this level of innovation.

More than 200 executives across the tech industry will gather in New York City for a premier conference that explores the theme, “Business Transformation Through Software Innovation.” From leveraging data and analytics to engage consumers in meaningful ways to developing next-generation Internet of Things experiences around their interests, software is at the heart of every brand that’s driven by innovation.

Leading technologists will gather at this special conference to share knowledge about the software innovations that have changed the way they do business. Folks ranging from Andrew McAfee to Hilary Mason will discuss technologies that have disrupted and future technologies that will disrupt.  Attendees will learn how software and digital experiences can enable a company to operate more efficiently, grow revenue and provide greater value for both consumers and employees at the right time. In a world where the consumer is in charge, software innovation is the only way to reach your customer. From engaging panels to hands-on demos and experiences, the Razorfish Global Tech Summit is a conference tech industry professionals—and thought leaders—can’t miss.

We will wrap up the event with a series of hands-on workshops for our clients and teams to help drive the first steps to reaching the strategic path put forward by the visionaries during the day 1 presentations.

Currently, this event is invite-only. If you have any questions related to tech summit, or would like an invite please contact techsummit2015@razorfishglobal.com