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micro-blogging = micro-coding

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There’s a new service out there, Snipt, for Twitter that enables folks to post code quickly. Basically, go to Snipt, cut and paste your code into the box and you get a small URL that people can go back to. Snipt takes your code and puts it into an image with a short URL. I did a quick search to see if anyone was using and found a couple of twits. Someone pointed out the incorrect usage of the alt image tech, I won’t mention on which site:). Here’s the test I threw up with some C# code. Looks like fun, especially if it helps clean up some code. I guess you can use it for more than code as well.

Tweetdeck is helping to identify how services like these could be more usefull, ell, the search feature on tweetdeck. For example, looking for some code to do x, setup a search in tweetdeck for x, go back to it everyone once in a while and wala, there’s your solution. Well, that’s the theory….

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