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Avenue A | Razorfish wiki mention in Infoworld

It’s pretty interesting how the press and our clients continue to find our internal knowledge management wiki to be interesting. Here Infoworld captures some thoughts from Shiv Singh on why we built the wiki. It’s all about bringing some of the innovations from the consumer facing world into Enterprises. Learning from the consumer world to help enterprises is going to take some time. What I think enterprises need to acknowledge is that collaboration isn’t easy, so the technology needs to make it easy. If we ask folks to open a ticket or get permission every time they want to contribute to collaboration it’s just not going to happen. Like Shiv said, we have found people behave just as professionally in the office as they do on the wiki, so let’s trust them to use open technologies.

It’s not just the features we are talking about either. The technologies behind these platforms are interesting as well. Some of the biggest most successful sites out there aren’t build on enterprise technologies. Mediawiki, the software behind Wikipedia, is built on PHP not Java or .Net. Not only can we learn from consumer facing behaviors, we can also learn from consumer facing technologies. What’s nice about technologies like PHP is their ability to start up quickly and change just as quickly. Something that has gotten harder and harder for J2EE and .Net. After all, the one constant with web sites, is change.