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Keeping the cloud open

I really like Matt Asay’s article on why we need to focus on keeping the cloud open and less about keeping the operating system open. If you think of the cloud as an ‘array’ of applications and less of a hosting solution it starts to open up the aperture on it’s true potential. Imaging the ability to stitch together applications across the cloud like you can stitch together data. Basically a yahoo pipes for applications not just data.

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Native thread support in Ruby's latest version

Official Ruby logo Image via Wikipedia

It looks like Ruby version 1.9.1 supports native threads and fibers. Fibers are a ‘lightweight’ approach when you don’t need full threads. It sounds like fibers are not preemptive, so they have to yield to other fibers as opposed to threads that can run in parallel. Fibers on the other hand startup faster and use less memory.

I know when Java made the leap to support native threads, it seemed like it was a huge accelerator towards greater adoption. It looks like the performance numbers are already coming in and it’s much faster.

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