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windows 8 Learning & App development considerations.

Windows 8 the New OS was launched on Oct 26 2012. As you all know Razorfish Seattle office been engaged to develop metro apps for the MSFT Retail business group from October 2010 (last year). The entire app is built on total flexible architecture to adapt changing business content and design requirement.  The app is totally re-usable with some level of customization for any other businesses/clients to provide a windows store app experiences to their customer base.

The App itself is a challenging piece which  includes a mixed technology, supporting more than 34+ localization and flexible enough to support any variation of content  and design (to some extent ) for more than 100+ retailers, 5000+ stores worldwide, running 100,000+ PC to start with and  all of this are part of customization without touching the code base.

Presentation: Windows8_AppDevelopment_Presentation_RF10252012V1.0